Web-AR For E-Commerce Products   🚀

Place Products in Customer Homes Faster with Web-AR For E-Commerce

Place Products in Customer Homes Faster with Web-AR For E-Commerce

With CartMagician's Web-AR Tools For E-Commerce Products, you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers. No downloads, no coding - all in the browser.

Placing Your Products in Customer Homes with A Simple Tap

Placing Your Products in Customer Homes with A Simple Tap

CartMagician gives you the magic to easily create and elevate the customer experience using Augmented Reality. No downloads, no coding - all in the browser Web-AR.

Create augmented reality experiences

Go beyond static product imagery, create augmented reality visuals with interactive 3D and boost online engagement

Customers expect more than a static mock-up in a beautiful home that you picked on the internet. They want something real, and our 3D and Web-AR visuals you can automate direct to product pages are the closest you can ever get to reality.


Create Augmented Reality products and feature in front of customers in their home

Building AR experiences for your products or keeping up with all the new Augmented Reality standards doesn't require you to be a developer. CartMagician keeps it up-to-date and makes it easy to create, add to your web store and sharable Web-AR files anywhere. Simply open the AR experience directly from your E-Commerce store, Online Gallery or business website, using a link, button or a QR code.

Web-AR Helps Customers View Your Product As The Perfect Fit

With Augmented Reality from CartMagician, your customers can try-before-they-buy without any extra cost to you. This way, when they buy, it is always the perfect fit, boosting purchase confidence and reducing returns.

Connect your web platform to add WebAR experiences for shopping

Add Integration to Your Favourite Web Platform

Working on Shopify, WooCommerce or other popular web or e-Commerce platforms? No problem. Conveniently connect with CartMagician and instantly display your products in Augmented Reality.

Easily upload to create AR with 2d images and 3d models

Simple From the Start

The easiest way to make AR content using your own 2D images and 3D model designs. CartMagician can import most industry-standard 2D (JPEG, PNG) and 3D file types including: FBX, GLTF, GLTF 2.0, GLB, OBJ, DAE.

Automate the creation of shareable links, QR codes, web embeds, and 3D configurators for your website and marketing needs.

CartMagician Tools Help Create Web-AR Magic! Brand

CartMagician Tools Help Create Web-AR Magic! Brand

Dozens of time-saving tools to convert, manage and distribute 2D, 3D and AR product content across web, email and digital marketing channels.

Transform 2D images into 3D & AR

Use CartMagician’s drag and drop option and 3D templates to turn your 2D images into 3D and AR visuals in an instant.

Web Viewing - No App Required

With our platform fully on your browser, we guarantee top speed as no app is required to render or view.

Connect any Web Platform

Enjoy seamless platform integration with your favourite web, e-commerce, or marketplace platform.

Product Page Automation

CartMagician comes with ready to use plugin add-ons for WooCommerce and Shopify. Just install and dive in.

Showcase Products In 4 Dimensions

Display your products in 3D to showcase more details, and augmented reality to see how they look in real life.

3D Product Configurators

Allow customers to configure all the product options on your store for the best shopping experience.

Create AR and 3D Visuals in 3 Steps

Automate regular 2D images into 3D and AR versions of your products with 3D product templates.

Enterprise Ready API & Docs

A clever API that works behind the scenes to generate 3D & Web-AR visuals to help your online business scale.

One-Click Sharing to Boost Sales

Help customers visualize your products in their own space as they browse online or with instant share product links.

3D Templates Automation

Save time and effort with pre-built 3D templates made especially to replicate & automate products in 3D.

Create Virtual Art in Seconds

Allow your online customers to visualize your artwork on their own wall while they browse your online gallery. At scale and true color definition.

Dedicated Hosting

Securely hosted and streamed to your web platform where customers can view. No apps, in the browser.


Integrations made for modern, engaging, informative e-Commerce

Integrations made for modern, exciting, engaging e-Commerce

With CartMagician you can connect any web or e-Commerce platform in just a few minutes.

Universal Connect

Add AR To Any Web Platform With CartMagician Connect

CartMagian Connect comes with its own Connection Wizard to get you set up in minutes. Soon you will take your customers' shopping experience to a whole new level. Adding interactive 3D, augmented reality, and analytics to provide customer insights. With just a few clicks, connect and verify any web or e-commerce platform.

Learn About CartMagician Connect
Instant AR and 3D Functionality for any Web and E-Commerce Platform With CartMagician Connect
Enterprise 3D & AR at Scale

Enterprise API

CartMagician API supercharges your products into augmented reality on any web platform. Automate the processes of uploading, selecting, size, frame and colour variations, 3D product template selection, converting and publishing 2D images, 3D models and WebAR visuals straight to your product pages. Apply your setting requirements and automate content behind the scenes with ease.

Explore CartMagician API
CartMagicioan Enterprise API
Download & Install

CartMagician 'WooConnect' for WooCommerce

The ultimate all-in-one add-on for WooCommerce customers. WooConnect provides full access to the CartMagician online platform tools plus the ability to start selecting and converting files without leaving your product pages.

Explore WooCommerce AR
CartMagician AR API for WooCommerce
Add-on from Shopify Marketplace

'CartMagician AR' for Shopify

CartMagician automates artworks into AR masterpieces on Shopify in just 3 clicks! Available to download and install on the Shopify app marketplace merchants can start converting 2D imagery of artworks, photography, wall and floor designs and other products like rugs, curtains, cushions and more into augmented reality with stunning 3D visuals.

Explore Shopify AR
CartMagician AR API on Shopify app marketplace

More ways to view and connect with customers

More ways to view and connect with customers

Export, share, and view your content across popular web browsers and marketing tools.

Immerse Customers as They Shop

Immerse Customers as They Shop

Enhance your e-commerce products with 3D and augmented reality visualizations on the web browsers your customers use every day. With over 4 billion iOS and Android devices loaded with built-in AR and 3D viewers, customers can try your products before they buy.

Drive engagment through WebAR

of shoppers who have experienced AR, prefer it over video.


decrease in returns from companies using AR-guided purchases.


of shoppers are ready to pay more, if allowed to visualize products through AR.


of shoppers rank product imagery as the number one factor influencing their purchase decision.


What customers Say
About CartMagician:

The greatest challenge for Samovar was how to allow all our clients access to try our carpet collections at home. The idea for an augmented reality website was in the works but we didn’t have have knowledge and capability to make that happen. That is where CartMagician came in. They made converting our carpet designs into 3D and AR simple, automated and cost effective.

Yousef H., MBA
Co-founder, COO - Samovar Carpets
Samovar Carpets

If you have products that prospects could benefit from seeing in their home or office first, then this is a no brianer, CartMagician will increase your sales and revenue and make your customers very happy too. 10/10 A+++

Scott L.
Owner, Director - Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery
Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

CartMagician has been an amazing tool for us. We have been able to bring the power of augmented reality to our photographers and to their shoppers, offering an immersive creative experience that ultimately drives a higher conversion.

Anders B.
Co-founder, COO - Darkroom

Image Use Web-AR to View Products Faster

Bring customers closer to your E-Commerce Products with Web-AR

Bring customers closer to your art works

Web-AR supported by interactive 3D features provides a more informative online shopping experience, enabling shoppers to view art products from all angles in the comfort of their own home.


Showcase Products Faster with WebAR added to Product Pages

Go beyond static imagery and display products and features in real-time, in perfect scale and allow customers to try in their home using CartMagician AR adding some magic behind the scenes.

Select to View Product in AR
Scan this QR code to view product demo

On desktop browsers

You can view a realistic 3D composition in your desktop browser and seamlessly move to augmented reality on your mobile device.

On Apple devices

Using Apple's latest ARKit 3 and Quicklook, CartMagician Web AR creates a truly immersive AR experience. No apps, all in the web browser.

On Android devices

With a tap of a button from your website, you can view your 3D content and animations in Web AR on a supported Android device.

Make Your E-Commerce Business Pop with Web-AR

Make Your E-Commerce Business Pop with Web-AR

Make it easy for your audiences to interact with products in their own environment with Web-AR.

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.