Visualize Furniture in Home with WebAR   🚀

Transform your furniture & homewares products into augmented reality for eCommerce

Using CartMagician, your customers can experience your furniture and homeware products in their own home using web-based augmented reality (WebAR).

All from your web browser. No app downloads required.



CartMagician makes it easy for your customers to make the right decisions

Think about your customers for a moment.

Customers are looking for a piece of furniture that fits their lifestyle and existing interior decor, whether it is at home or in the office. Choosing the right product is a tough decision, especially if they cannot visit a store or shopping online.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could see your products in their own space, at scale, and see how they’ll look next to their own items?

We think it would! That’s why CartMagician uses Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) files that your customers can view on their Android or iOS smartphone, without the need to download an app. They just tap and go.

Place Your Products in Customer Homes with A Simple Tap

Place Your Products in Customer Homes with A Simple Tap

CartMagician gives you the magic to easily create and elevate the customer experience using Augmented Reality. No downloads, no coding - all in the browser WebAR.

Create augmented reality experiences

Go beyond static product imagery, create augmented reality visuals with interactive 3D and boost online engagement

Customers expect more than a static mock-up in a beautiful home that you picked on the internet. They want something real, and our 3D and AR visuals you can automate direct to product pages are the closest you can ever get to reality.


Create Augmented Reality products and feature in front of customers in their home

Building AR experiences for your products or keeping up with all the new Augmented Reality standards doesn't require you to be a developer. CartMagician keeps it up-to-date and makes it easy to create, add to your web store and share WebAR files anywhere. Simply open AR directly from your E-Commerce store, Online Gallery or business website, using a link, button or a QR code.

Help Customers See Your Product As The Perfect Fit

With Augmented Reality from CartMagician, your customers can try-before-they-buy without any extra cost to you. This way, when they buy, it is always the perfect fit, boosting purchase confidence and reducing returns.

Connect your web platform to add WebAR experiences for shopping

Seamless Integration with Your Favourite Web Platform

Working on Shopify, WooCommerce or other popular web or e-Commerce platforms? No problem. Conveniently connect with CartMagician and instantly display your products in Augmented Reality.

Make your Furniture Products pop with Augmented Reality!

Make your Furniture Products pop with Augmented Reality!

Make it easy for your customers to vizualize products in their own environment with WebAR.

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.