3D Product Configurators   🚀

The Power to Customize Products

The Power to Customize Products

Give customers the ultimate feeling of being in control and boost engagement by letting online shoppers customize and personalize your products right from your store.

3D Product Configurator visual

Display Online Products in Unlimited Variants

Display Online Products in Unlimited Variants

What if black is a better colour? How would this rug look in purple? What type of finish is that art frame? Stop your customers from wondering and make it possible for them to see your product in variants with 3D Product Configurators and WebAR tools on CartMagician.

Showcase all product options

Let customer imaginations run wild, 3D Product Configurators personalise it and allow your products to be tailored to suit your customers every need.

Show product variants in real-time

How fast? We are talking in the snap of a finger. Customers love the convienience of being able to click and view the perfect option without delay.

Close the sale with AR

Help customers visualize your product with their preference in their own space. WebAR is the perfect companion for your 3D Product Configurator.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Use a pre-configured option with your products and simply copy to your website
OR use CartMagician API to configure into your existing setup and let CartMagician power the experiences from behind the scenes.

Step 01

Import and convert your files

Upload your 2D images or 3D models using our drag and drop tool and CartMagician automates the entire process for you in a matter of seconds ready and optimised for web in your 3D Product Configurator.

Step 02

Select a 3D configurator

Select your desired 3D Product Configurator and follow the simple steps to add your product variants to your project file including animations.

  • Colour variants
  • Model variants
  • Texture or Fabric variants
  • Add Hotspots

Configure then use the pre-generated export options to add to your website or share the project with your team or customers. Easy.

Step 03

Save to website, publish live

Going live happens quickly with our easy-to-use 3D configuration tool built specifically to scale 3D and AR visuals.

Need to make some changes? Easy, simply edit the project and save to automatically update the live content.

Why use 3D Product Configurators from CartMagician?

Why use 3D Product Configurators from CartMagician?

No matter your industry, 3D Product Configurators can help you demonstrate why your products are the best!

Add Interactive Hotspots to Showcase Product Features

Use interactive elements to highlight features, links, hotspots, floating UIs, colour options, product variants, and texture options.

Let Customers Customize Products as they Browse to Buy

Enabling your shoppers to configure and visualize products dynamically as they shop then view in their own space is the smartest way to create an engaging and convienient shopping experience.

Helping merchants sell more products with a smarter way to shop.

Share and Embed anywhere, update instantly

With CartMagician, you can update embedded 3D configurators and have them synchronized upon saving across all web platforms.

Enhance online shopping with CartMagician API customization

CartMagician’s fully customisable API enables merchants to power 3D configurators and augmented reality behind the scenes. Connect your existing 3D Product Configurators to enhance with augmented reality and automated product creation or ask the CartMagician support team to setup and configure.

Streamline the way you work

Streamline the way you work

No matter your industry or product types, CartMagician 3D Product Configurators can help you showcase all the styles to add a little magic!

Ready to show your products in all the great styles?

Ready to show your products in all the great styles?

Enhance your online store with CartMagician 3D Product Configurators perfectly suited to showcase products.

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.