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Do you run a WooCommerce store?Need Wordpress AR?

CartMagician's all-in-one WooConnect plugin for Wordpress customers connects and publishes 3d models and converts 2d images into 3D and AR products directly from within your WooCommerce product pages.

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Imagine publishing all of your product designs into 3D and AR without leaving your WooCommerce store. Super convenient, right?

Automate with 3D Templates

Access & publish your 3D models, or convert 2D images into 3D & AR from WooCommerce product pages

Time-saving Batch processing

Access time-saving 3D Templates that help replicate products in 3D & AR for websites

Built-in 3D AR Product Buttons, Customise style & location

Built-in 3D & AR Product Buttons, Customise branding style & location

Copy to site, Export or Share

Showcase WooCommerce products faster, boost sales & customer engagement!

What does this mean for WooCommerce store owners?

Great news! Merchants can easily select and display thier 3D models or start converting their 2D image products like artworks, rugs direct from the product page. Saving you time and money.

By installing the WooConnect plugin and connecting to CartMagician, you will have full access to the CartMagician online platform tools plus the ability to start selecting your converted files without leaving your product pages.

CartMagician WooConnect plugin has some great features like batch processing, analytics, configure and automatic placement of View in 3D or AR buttons on page, add your own button branding, you can even automate the 1:1 size of AR visuals based on your WooCommerce size suettings and more. Allowing customers to select and view an interactive try-before-you-buy 3D preview of your product or QR code pop-up to scan and view in web AR on their device. No apps needed.

Featured artist: lalo Hernandez - @lalonchera


We built CartMagician WooConnect with our customers in the driving seat so we know there are some great features that online business owners and developers will absolutely love.

Convert straight into Web AR products

Convert 2D straight into AR products

Start converting your 2d images into 3D & AR instantly with the convienience of CartMagician WooConnect.

utomated 3D AR product buttons placement

Access your 3D models

Connecting CartMagician provides access to all of your 3D and AR models direct from your product pages. It is that easy!

utomated 3D AR product buttons placement

View in 3D or AR buttons

CartMagician automatically displays 3D and AR buttons where you want them on your product page. Customise the button design to suit your branding and position on page.

Ready-made 3D Templates library

Ready-made 3D template library

Select your product image, choose a 3D template from the library (or create your own), and then click 'Start' to convert it into web-optimised augmented reality files automatically added to your e-commerce product page or online gallery.

utomated 3D AR product buttons placement

Automate size output and life-size scale

When using CartMagician 3D templates for your artworks, rugs etc, you can set variable size automatically based on your WooCommerce product settings. Ensuring your customers view a life size representation.

Automated file transfers

Automated content direct to your product page

CartMagician automates everything. Saving you time and unnecessary USDZ and GLB file transfers.

Batch convert 3D templates

Batch convert 3D templates

Select multiple 3D templates in one go to showcase product variants with a convenient dropdown 3D preview selector and AR viewer.

Customise conversion setting

Set and forget conversion settings

Save time by adding default 3D and AR viewing and conversion settings, helping you keep your products looking consistent and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Customise conversion setting

Integrate with your product configurator

Give customers the superpower to personalize products and see them in real-time by integrating Cartmagician 3D Configurator. Nothing beats the ability to see it for yourself.

Elementor template integration

Elementor template integration

CartMagician WooConnect shortcodes work wseamlessly with your Elementor templates.

WooCommerce Hooks integration

WooCommerce Hooks integration

Use WooCommerce hooks to customise 3D and AR button placement.

Dokan marketplace compatibility

Dokan marketplace compatibility

Start your own virtual online marketplace. CartMagician WooConnect makes it possible.

Help desk support

Help desk support

Our team is here to guide you installation and best practice workflows so that you are connected and up to speed with the easiest platfrom to deliver AR content and experiences to your store customers.

Reach more customers.
Showcase more products faster.

By presenting your beautiful art, rugs and other 2D design products online in life-like augmented reality, you'll see higher cart completions, repeat business and most importantly - happy customers.

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