Create augmented reality for eCommerce websites, super-fast.

Create augmented reality for eCommerce, super-fast.

Where amazing websites, eCommerce stores, and everything in between comes to life in AR as customers shop online.

Grow online sales and engagement with CartMagician WebAR Platform. Customers can instantly visualise products in AR, tryout and buy while shopping online.

Everything you need to convert, visualise and sell products
using WebAR on the mobile web.

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Showcase real products in AR. Just like yours.

CartMagician's powerful online conversion tools automate the workflow of creating and sharing hyper-realistic 3D and AR products and experiences for the mobile web and beyond.

Simply upload your 2D imagery and 3D models and CartMagician converts and outputs perfectly optimised web AR-ready files you can simply drop into your eCommerce store or website for customers to view.

With CartMagician there are no customer apps to download, no coding or 3d experience needed.

The Complete WebAR ToolKit

CartMagician online platform streamlines the process of creating augmented reality content for the web.

Create Web AR in 3 steps


CartMagician’s powerful conversion tools help streamline AR creation at any level. In 3 easy steps you can upload, convert and output 2D/3D files into AR for web that you can place anywhere just like the real thing.

Automate AR for the Web Automate AR for the Web Automate AR for the Web
Automate AR for the Web Automate AR for the Web


Intelligent AR automation helps online businesses scale their product range into WebAR quickly. CartMagician removes time-consuming manual modelling and development, saving you time and money.

Output augmented reality formats


CartMagician's online platform is all in the cloud so you will find everything you need including WebAR hosting when you sign in. With an easy to use dashboard you have full control to upload, edit, save, convert and output AR-ready files when you like to your web platform you choose.

Create Web AR in 3 steps


CartMagician outputs WebAR utilising the industry's most powerful web enabled augmented reality formats (.usdz / .glb). Fully optimised so you can share, embed, link or plugin your website and eCommerce store ready to view AR on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Convert online products into augmented reality

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Grow your eCommerce Sales with CartMagician

CartMagician automates the process of creating and outputting AR-ready content for the web from your 2D images and 3D models.


Upload your 2D images or 3D models to start!

CartMagician has everything you need to make light work of converting 2D images and 3D models into AR experiences and products for the web.

CartMagician provides an easy-to-use online platform that helps eCommerce stores, online creators and website businesses quickly convert and manage products into augmented reality.

In a matter of seconds, CartMagician transforms 2D images and 3D models into Augmented Reality viewable products that replicate the real thing.

Outputting perfectly optimised WebAR files that you can simply copy and paste directly into your eCommerce store product page or website.

Ready for customers to view in AR anywhere, anytime!

Automate the process of converting content into AR for the Web. CartMagician outputs WebAR files that you can use straight away.

  • Powerful AR conversion & publishing platform for individuals, professionals, & organisations
  • Automate the creation of WebAR content for your eCommerce Store or Website
  • Convert 2D imagery into 3D AR-ready files
  • Convert 3D into USDZ / GLB AR-ready files
  • Manage all your AR content online, including hosting WebAR files
  • Transform your designs into 3D products you can visualise in AR on the web
  • Customise conversion output settings including Size, Colour & 3D Template types
  • Import popular 2D file formats (JPEG, PNG)
  • Import popular 3D file formats
  • Automated USDZ Conversion tools
  • Output 3D Formats ready for the future of online shopping - USDZ / GLB / Embed direct to website
  • Output in the Browser Augmented Reality files
  • Output WebAR content ready to add to popular CMS Platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, WebFlow, Wix)
  • End-to-end workflow for WebAR creation
  • Custom solutions for Enterprise

CartMagician instantly outputs AR files to web platforms you already use

Smooth platform integration to add AR for web! Simply copy and paste, link or plugin your site to get started!

Augmented reality for Bootstrap Websites
Augmented reality for Wordpress Websites
Augmented reality for WooCommerce Shopping Websites
Augmented reality for HTML5 Websites
Augmented reality for SquareSpace
Augmented reality for Shopify
Augmented reality for Webflow
Augmented reality for Wix
Augmented reality for Weebly Platform
Augmented reality for zenfolio photography platform foliozenfolio

Visualise Products in AR as you Shop Online!

CartMagician provides easy-to-use options to add augmented reality content into your website or eCommerce platform.

The easiest way to help customers visualise website products

Helping eCommerce store owners, sales and product managers convert, engage and sell more products online, in-store and on the road!

CartMagician automatically outputs web optimised AR files that you can quickly copy, add and view. Saving you time.

Export web embeds, iFrames, hosted URLs or simply download usdz and glb files directly out of the CartMagician Platform and add anywhere on your website or eCommerce platform.

Alternatively, install CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce, to easily add and feature WooCommerce products in augmented reality.

Within minutes you can start sharing and viewing WebAR products and experiences on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Attract more customers, sell more products.

Visualise products in your space using WebAR as you shop online

  • Seamless 3D/AR publishing for eCommerce and website platforms
  • View Augmented Reality (AR) content in the browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge & Firefox)
  • Seamless AR integration for WooCommerce
  • Compatible with Apple & Android device browsers
  • Import AR files for web viewing - Without additional app downloads to view
  • Import AR for iOS & iPadOS (.usdz)
  • Import AR for Android (.glb)
  • Shareable WebAR direct links
  • iFrame or web embed shortcode components
  • 3D web pre-viewer
  • Add ApplePay integration into AR experiences
  • Add 'Buy Now' button into AR experiences
  • Publishing options available across multiple website platforms
  • Custom solutions available for Enterprise customers

View products in AR on mobile website browsers customers use everyday!

View CartMagician WebAR on Safari Mobile Website Browser
View CartMagician WebAR on Google Chrome Mobile Website Browser
View CartMagician WebAR on Firefox Mobile Website Browser
View CartMagician WebAR on Edge Mobile Website Browser

How Does it Work? Great question.

How does creating WebAR in 3 easy steps sound!

Create Web AR in 3 steps

Step 1.
Upload 2D image or 3D

For 2D uploads any JPEG or PNG image file that you would like to transform into 3D and augmented reality.

For 3D uploads we accept any of the standard 3D formats including OBJ, FBX, GLB, GLTF, STL, ABC, DAE.

Create Web AR in 3 steps

Step 2.
Select a Template

For 2D uploads only Select one of our free 3D templates that replicate the real world item or request a new model ccustomised to suit your needs.

For 3D step not required

Create Web AR in 3 steps

Step 3.
'Start Conversion'

For 2D CartMagician instantly combines your image with the 3D template and outputs AR-ready files so you can add onto your website. Removing time-consuming manual modelling and development, saving you time and money.

For 3D CartMagician instantly converts the 3D model including textures and animations and outputs AR-ready files so you can add onto your website. Removing time-consuming manual modelling and development, saving you time and money.

Create Web AR in 3 steps

Start selling!
Embed Web AR Files

For 2D and 3D conversions Your WebAR is ready! CartMagician outputs the industry's most powerful web enabled augmented reality formats (.usdz / .glb) so you can start sharing, embed, link or plugin into your website, eCommerce store or online gallery.

Simply copy and paste onto your product page ready for customers to view.

OK must be your turn!

Lets get you started below

Pricing Plans

Our simple transparent pricing plans scale with your business

Low monthly or yearly plan + conversion credits = AR magic

Our affordable pricing plans provide you with access to all the CartMagician platform tools you need. You can then purchase AR conversion credits for each 2D/3D file you wish to convert. (One credit equals one AR conversion.)

AR Conversion Credits

Starting from
  • One AR conversion credit = One WebAR file
  • Allows you to convert your 2D/3D uploads into WebAR files
  • Buy in bulk to receive a discount
  • Sign in to buy

14-Day Free Trial

  • Access to all tools on the CartMagician platform for 14 days
  • Convert 2D into WebAR
  • Try out our free 3D templates
  • Save projects
  • 3 AR conversion credits included
  • Images watermarked
  • Start for free – no credit card required.
  • Upgrade when you are ready
  • Sign Up for Free

Lite Plan

Start converting your 2D imagery and 3D models into web AR superstars!
$ 19 USD per
  • Unlimited projects
  • Online Cloud Editor
  • WebAR cloud hosting included
  • Automated conversion tools for WebAR output files to GLB & USDZ
  • Export Shareable direct links for Web
  • Export iFrame or web embed shortcode components
  • Export 'View in AR' buttons
  • No watermark
  • ApplePay integration^^
  • Custom products templates available*
  • Online help desk & chat support
  • Annual Plan billed as $228 USD in one yearly installment.
  • Includes 150
    Select Lite Plan

Lite Plan + Plugin

Buy CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR Plugin extension
Add CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR plugin to your Lite Plan and start viewing your WooCommerce products in AR
$31USD per
  • All Lite plan features included
  • Includes CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR plugin
  • Add unlimited AR products into WooCommerce
  • Import AR-ready files direct from CartMagician Platform
  • Import AR web URLs or upload AR media files (usdz glb)
  • Import AR for iOS & iPadOS (.usdz)
  • Import AR for Android (.glb)
  • 'View in AR' web embed shortcodes
  • Shareable direct links
  • ApplePay integration^^
  • Online help desk & chat support
  • Annual plan only, billed as one $377 USD yearly installment
  • Includes 150
  • Select Lite + Plugin Plan

  • Annual Plan - Billed as $377 USD yearly.
    ^Acceptable use policy applies. ^^Requires ApplePay to be installed.
Want to create even more augmented reality? PAYG AR conversion credits start from $3 Sign in to purchase

Augmented Reality eCommerce and CartMagician

There are hundreds of different ways that you can use augmented reality across your eCommerce products, from showcasing artworks, visualising flooring and rugs, marketing and advertising. Here are some great industry examples from our customers

Visualise Artworks, Photography & much more

Transform your art - Learn More

Visualise Retail Products, Designs & Ideas

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Showcase any Commercial Products in the Home

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Visualise commercial products before you buy

Place Furniture in the Home

Visualise Tents & other Outdoor Equipment

2D to 3D AR = 2D conversion platform

3D to AR = 3D conversion platform

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What our experts say about us...

We're proud and super greatful to help online businesses with WebAR around the world.

Frequently asked questions

CartMagician specialises in providing a range of eCommerce visualisation and WebAR conversion tools and plugins that feature augmented reality, WebAR, 2D and 3D to showcase online store products and websites.

Creating virtual product showrooms so that users can view eCommerce products at scale, in their own environment at anytime, and anywhere.

CartMagician provides these immersive services to help eCommerce store owners, product managers and online business owners engage more customers, sell more products and leverage existing eCommerce online store platform capabilities with seamless integration.

CartMagician takes any 2D image and automates the image to a selection of high quality, hyper-realistic CartMagician 3D models including artwork frames, flooring, wall coverings and many more everyday products. The end result is WebAR augmented reality ready .USDZ and/or .GLB files that can be uploaded directly to your website or eCommerce store.
Yes we do. You have full access to the entire platform with free AR conversions to start converting and trialling our platform for creating WebAR content. If you have any questions or need help using CartMagician you can visit the Help Desk to drop us an email, view additional FAQs or watch Help Desk Video tutorials.
CartMagician offers a variety of ways to create both USDZ & GLB files. CartMagician 2D to 3D AR conversion platform is great if you sell 2D style products such as artwork, photography, floor coverings including rugs plus other designs like tshirts, soft coverings and wallpaper.
CartMagician 3D to AR file conversion platform helps customers wh have 3D models of their products. The conversion tool outputs the correct USDZ & GLB file formats ready to use in CartMagician Pro. For further information on automated 2D 3D AR conversion tools try for free here.
Yes you can. CartMagician provides 3D model creation services so that you can have templates replicated to suit your products. Simply supply reference to a design or frame style and CartMagician will match this style for you. Once created we will add this template to your 3D template library.
CartMagician custom 3D template creation service is at an additional fixed price that allows our team to create a hyper-realistic 3D model for you then configure it into the conversion platform where the magic happens.
The end result will be tailored to your business/gallery needs so your customers will have a true sense of what they are purchasing when they buy one of you amazing artworks online.
CartMagician provides a starting flat rate for one-off templates at $290 per template. Bulk orders will recieve reduced/scaled rates according to order.
Contact CartMagician Help Desk for further details.
We do our best to have happy and loyal users, so we hope you won’t need to cancel. However you can at any time cancel by accessing «My Account» section on our site and cancel your subscription.
Due to the nature of digital goods, we can’t issue refund. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can cancel anytime but no refunds are allowed.
Unfortunately not! You need to renew your subscription plan to continue using the CartMagician Platform and templates. Obviously, templates you’ve already converted and downloaded when your plan was active will keep working correctly.
To learn more please visit the CartMagician Help Desk

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