CartMagician Connect   🚀

Everything it does is magic for your products!

Everything it does is magic for your products!

Use CartMagician Connect to transform your customers' shopping experience with the magic of AR and 3D.

Free and easy to install (less than 2-mins)

Compatible with popular web, custom or e-commerce platforms

Adds interactive 3D and augmented reality visuals

Unlocks all CartMagician AR platform tools, exporting options and WebAR features

Adds 3D and AR viewers and configurator functionality

Adds AR and 3D analytics reporting

Select Connection Wizard to add AR to your website

Why CartMagician Connect?

Why CartMagician Connect?

With CartMagician Connect, you can instantly add the magic of augmented reality to your web or e-commerce site. It's as simple as copying and pasting. No additional development is required.

Easy to install

In just a few clicks, install CartMagician Connect and start viewing products on your website in 3D and Web AR.

More than just AR Magic!

CartMagician Connect will take your customers' shopping experience to a whole new level.

Instant Web Viewers

CartMagician automatically generates sharable files to ensure that your 3D content is accessible on any device.

Add Augmented Reality

Allow your audience to interact with products in their environment without installing any apps and give customers all the reasons to click the buy button with augmented reality on your product page.

Add 3D Configurator

Give customers the superpower to personalize products and see them in real-time with our 3D Configurator. Nothing beats the ability to see it for yourself.

Flexible Sharing

It takes just a moment to generate a link that can be embedded or sent anywhere. Collaborate, communicate, and showcase products faster than ever before.

Analytics Built-in

Get feedback in real-time with analytics. Closely monitor conversion and sales and get actionable insight on how to direct marketing campaigns.

Add Extra Features

With CartMagician, you can access additional 3D and augmented reality digital marketing tools, web-exports and one-click sharing to drive sales

CartMagician Connect adds 3D & AR Features to your web platform

CartMagician Connect adds 3D & AR Features to your web platform

Boost online sales and customer engagement with the only 3D and AR platform that fully customizes your shopping experience.

Showcase products to customers in their own surroundings as they browse.

CartMagician makes it easier to display your product in top quality with augmented reality and interactive display. Customers can now engage with your products even better and customize them or visualize it in their space right from your online store.


Reach more customers. Showcase products faster.

CartMagician Connect provides convienient options to instantly add WebAR and 3D functionality, placing merchants ahead of the competition. Say goodbye to boring shopping experiences and reach more customers with fast moving products supported by augmented reality and interactive 3D visuals.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Connect CartMagician to Your WooCommerce Store in A Heartbeat.

Create CartMagician account
Step 01

Create Your CartMagician Account

Start off by signing up and creating an account on CartMagician. WooConnect is included FREE with Starter, Growth and eBusiness plans.

Select Connection Wizard to add AR to your website
Step 02

Open Connection Wizard

Easy-to-follow steps help you quickly generate your personalized API key, add and verify your web platform.

Step 03

Start Transforming Products

Start uploading and converting your amazing 2D images and 3D models with CartMagician and use the instant sharing, exports and APIs to add your content where you need it.

Bring your Store to Life with CartMagician Connect

Start Adding Product Experiences

Use 3D and WebAR to display e-Commerce product options in real-time, share and view in perfect scale and allow buyers the option to view products in their home as they browse.


No Development means you save time and can go to market faster

Installing 'CartMagician Connect' only takes a few minutes and can be performed by any team member. If you get stuck or unsure then ask the CartMagician support team and we will give you a helping hand.

Show product options in real-time from your website then view in AR

How fast? We are talking tap of a button. No apps to download, all-in-browser viewing of 3D and AR products your customers will want to buy now.

Share With Customers in Augmented Reality

Help customers visualize your products in their own space faster to engage their interest and improve buyer confidence. Share in an instant with one-click sharing.

More ways to view and connect with customers

More ways to view and connect with customers

With CartMagician Connect you have more ways to export, share, and view your content across popular web platforms, browsers and marketing tools.

The Fastest Way to Add 3D & AR to your Website & Products

The Fastest Way to Add 3D & AR to your Website & Products

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.