Transform works of art into augmented reality for your online gallery, super-fast.

CartMagician helps you sell your work online by providing the tools you need to create amazing augmented reality from your photography, 2D design and artwork. Artistic professionals, photographers, and artists can create interactive replicas of their work with CartMagician.

All from your browser. No app downloads required.

Get all the tools to showcase your designs, minus the effort.

Easily convert your best 2D designs into augmented reality masterpieces for your website.

Creating augmented reality from 2D images has never been easier

Creating augmented reality from 2D images has never been easier.

You can use CartMagician to create digital replicas of your original artworks, including mounting them on ready-made 3D templates that mimic art frames, canvas, specialty stocks, and mountboards. With CartMagician's automated process to create virtual artwork, you can concentrate on doing what you do best!


Showcase Artworks

Go beyond static imagery and display products and features in real-time, in perfect scale and placed in the customers home using CartMagician AR behind the scenes.


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How To Create AR Artworks To Generate Gallery Sales

How To Create AR Artworks To Generate Gallery Sales

Integrate And Style to Suit Your Online Gallery Website and Branding.

Upload Art Image

Simply upload the image you want to use. Or try batch processing to auotomate hundreds of images into products. Go to market faster with minimal effort to create. Leave that to CartMagician!

Select a 3D Template

Art frames makes a perfect 3D template. One frame template style can be used to showcase every piece of art sold on your store. CartMagician magically resizes art frame templates to the correct image proportions to match the physical artworks for sale.

Select 'Start'

This is where the magic happens. The results take seconds and you have the perfect way to showcase your artworks in your online gallery. No apps needed to view, seamless web browser 3D and Web AR viewing.

Share & Export

One click sharing, pre-generated web exports, plugin-add-ons to connect your website all provide the perfect set of art tools you need to add onto your website, share with customers or add a magical touch to your print and digital marketing.


Creating augmented reality from your art images has never been easier.

Creating augmented reality from your art images has never been easier.

Upload an image of your artwork, and CartMagician will magically transform it into a fully framed masterpiece using one of our 3D frame templates, ready to view in 3D and so you can view on your wall using WebAR.

Simply upload an image and CartMagician will handle the rest


Drag'n'drop or select here to upload your image
Use standard JPEG format

What customers Say
About CartMagician:

If you have products that prospects could benefit from seeing in their home or office first, then this is a no brianer, CartMagician will increase your sales and revenue and make your customers very happy too. 10/10 A+++

Scott L.
Owner, Director - Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery
Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

CartMagician has been an amazing tool for us. We have been able to bring the power of augmented reality to our photographers and to their shoppers, offering an immersive creative experience that ultimately drives a higher conversion.

Anders B.
Co-founder, COO - Darkroom

Simple from the start.

Upload your own image, choose one of our free 3D templates or create your own to match your style, then select 'Start' to convert into web-optimised AR files you can simply copy and paste to your online gallery or website product page.

3D templates that replicate art frames make creating augmented reality files super-fast.

We've created a growing library of pre-rendered 3D templates that replicate art framing items.

The ready-made templates allow you to upload your own designs right away so that buyers can virtually ‘hang’ your work in their home, studio or office before purchasing.

CartMagician is designed to showcase your art and photography.

CartMagician’s automation takes care of resizing, converting and outputting perfectly optimised AR files.

Our software takes your uploaded 2D image in either JPEG or PNG, assesses it based on the template you’ve chosen, re-sizes the template to suit your image proportions and then applies the template. CartMagician then outputs the final result as a perfectly optimised web-ready file (WebAR).

Create virtual art in 3-steps

Convert designs in 3-steps

Time-saving Batch processing

Batch processing into AR files

CartMagician 3D Templates scale to your uploaded designs

Templates scale to your designs

Automate with 3D Templates

Output life-size representations

Time-saving Batch processing

Automated 2D to AR conversion

Copy to site, Export or Share

View in WebAR and 3D viewers

Time-saving Batch processing

Create your own 3D templates

Copy to site, Export or Share

WebAR tools and Exports to site

A Must Have For Artists Looking To Showcase Their Work, anywhere

A Must Have For Artists Looking To Showcase Their Work, anywhere

CartMagician is the perfect companion for artists looking to scale their business and increase art sales.

Your Art In Augmented Reality, Amazing!

Allow customers to visualise your artwork in their own space using Augmented Reality visuals and see in real-time how it supplements their space.

3D Templates To Clone Art Frames Down To The Last Detail

Explore our vast collection of Free Art 3D Templates across popular framing and mounting styles or create your own templates for your artworks and photography.

Seamless Integration For WooCommerce And Shopify

No matter where you host your online gallery, CartMagician offers quick integrations so you can instantly automate right from your store without ever having to leave.

Easy Share To Customers Anywhere In The World

One click to export and share links with customers anywhere in the world. No matter where your customers are, CartMagician gives you the ability to reach them in an instant.


CartMagician makes it easy for customers to buy your photography, art or design

Think about your customers for a moment.

When searching to buy art or photography online, they’re looking for a piece that resonates with them and makes their world more beautiful – whether that’s at home or in their workplace.

It’s a personal decision, so wouldn’t it be nice if they could see your work in their own space, at scale, framed perfectly or stretched over a canvas the way it’s meant to be?

CartMagician makes it fast and easy to transform your photography or 2D artwork into WebAR files that your customers can view using their Android or iOS smartphone – no apps, 3D design or development needed.

See how WebAR looks for yourself

Dialekt Website built with CartMagicain platform and CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR Plugin


Paul Reiffer Photography Website built with CartMagicain platform and CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR Plugin


VZOW Website built with CartMagicain platform and CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR Plugin


 Just Art Gallery Website built with CartMagicain platform and CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR Plugin


Trusted by our vibrant global community

Trusted by our vibrant global community

Leading artists, designers, and photographers use CartMagician to showcase their works-of-art online with augemted reality visualizations.

We highly recommend the services that CartMagician provide. CartMagician, we are able to provide a way for our local shops to use WebAR technology to promote their products online.

Jeff Dillon Fine Art testimonial

Thank you very much for doing this. You have a fantastic product and your customer service is top notch. Batch processing our gallery images in bulk a definate lifesaver.

Paul Reiffer Fine Art Online Photo Gallery

With CartMagician, we’ve found a partner who aren’t afraid to develop with us, and a solution which is as easy as 3 clicks to turn our photography into stunning 3D models that allow anyone to experience these pieces in their own space - as if they’re hung the real product on the wall already.

Jeff Dillon Fine Art testimonial

I love love love CartMagician! Thanks for making viewing my work super easy, you've completely transformed my gallery and super fast!!!!!

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"I just about gave up on searching and decided it was something only the big multinationals could do when I came across CartMagician. Their product did everything I was looking for and more. And then I found out the cost! Here is a product that is way ahead of the game and costs 10 times less than the few competitors that are out there! 10/10 A+++".

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CartMagician is brilliant. It’s the best webAR solution you can find anywhere, and it is cost effective for small / medium size businesses to use and compete with the big boys. Not only is it a fantastic product, the owners and team at CartMagician are great people too.

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Ready to transform your online art experience?

Ready to transform your online art experience?

Start transforming your art, photograhy and illustrations into virtula masterpieces for free today with 7-Day Trial.

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.