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How to use the Project Gallery to save your converted AR files

What you will learn

Getting started: Learn how to use the CartMagician Project Gallery to manage your WebAR projects. Streamline your WebAR workflow by quickly accessing your previous WebAR conversions to edit, share and manage projects on the go.


- 00:00:00: How to use the CartMagician Project Gallery
- 00:00:03: The Project Gallery can be accessed via the top navigation on your dashboard.
- 00:00:07: The Project Gallery is where you will find your saved projects, including your previous AR conversions.
- 00:00:12: You can sort by conversion type (2D or 3D).
- 00:00:16: Or hover your mouse over the preview image to reveal the project settings and 'Open your Project'
- 00:00:25: This gives you quick access to manage, edit or update existing projects,
- 00:00:29: or export the files again, saving you time re-doing your conversions.
- 00:00:30: You have full control with CartMagician Project Gallery to update,
- 00:00:38: generate new files or export existing AR files as needed.
- 00:00:43: CartMagician's Project Gallery makes it easy to manage, update and distribute AR content
- 00:00:47: for your websites, eMarketing, eCommerce platforms and beyond.
- 00:00:47: Streamline your augmented reality workflow with CartMagician Projects.