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How to use WebAR Templates

What you will learn

Getting started: Learn how to use CartMagician WebAR Templates and discover how they fit into your AR workflow.


- 00:00:00: Welcome to CartMagician AR Templates
- 00:00:03: In this short video I will show you how to use AR Templates
- 00:00:07: and explain how they fit into your AR workflow.
- 00:00:10: We’ve created a range of AR Templates that replicate real-world items to bring your 2D images to life.
- 00:00:10: Choose from picture frames, floor and wall coverings or a customised AR Templates to suit your needs.
- 00:00:21: Let's begin by uploading an image to use in the 2D Converter using drag and drop.
- 00:00:26: We recommend a high quality JPEG or PNG file that is web optimised. 1-4 Mb uncompressed is fine.
- 00:00:31: Next, let's choose one of the free pre-rendered AR Templates.
- 00:00:34: Let's select the 'Rug Carpet Flooring' AR Template
- 00:00:34: to convert our image onto. You can view it in the 3D Preview.
- 00:00:41: OK, we are ready to 'Start Conversion'.
- 00:00:45: The conversion process is fully automated for you, which means you don't have to do any design work.
- 00:00:49: CartMagician’s intelligent automation takes care of resizing, converting and outputting perfectly optimised AR files.
- 00:00:49: Export files are generated for you ready to copy and paste onto your website's products page,
- 00:00:58: ready for your customers to View in AR as they shop online.
- 00:01:01: This AR conversion is now complete and we'll imagine that the product has been added to our store.
- 00:01:17: Let's create another one to match this same image with a frame design from our art store.
- 00:01:24: Before we convert this AR Template to our image,
- 00:01:24: we need to ensure that the image is the same size as the real item we sell online, which is 150cm in height.
- 00:01:28: Ready. Start conversion.
- 00:01:21: Quick note: If you cannot find an AR template that suits, you can have one created by our team.
- 00:01:38: That's fast. The second AR product conversion is already complete.
- 00:01:43: The perfectly optimised AR file is ready for you to share with the world.
- 00:01:43: CartMagician’s AR templates eliminate repetitive, time-consuming 3D modelling.
- 00:01:43: Best of all one single template can be used for your entire product range.
- 00:01:56: Try CartMagician AR templates yourself.