CartMagician Platform
Learn how to 'connect your web platform'

What you will learn

Getting started: In this short video you will learn how to connect your website to the CartMagician WebAR platform so you can view AR on your website.


- 00:00:00: How to 'Connect your Website' to CartMagician
- 00:00:00: To begin, select 'Connect your Website' from the settings menu.
- 00:00:04: Next, select 'Generate code snippet'. This will produce a code snippet that is ready to add to your website
- 00:00:12: The embed code needs to be added into the HEAD section on your site on each page you want AR to be used.
- 00:00:19: Highlight the code and select 'Copy to clipboard'. Then open your website page.
- 00:00:23: Locate the HEAD section and paste the code before the closing the /HEAD tag.
- 00:00:32: Once added, save your page and publish it to 'live'.
- 00:00:32: Then return to CartMagician to verify your website.
- 00:00:40: Enter your website URL, and select 'Verify Now'.
- 00:00:43: Your website will load if you've set up correctly.
- 00:00:43: Close the pop-up.
- 00:00:49: The installation status will show as 'Verified'.
- 00:00:53: Congratulations! Your website is now connected.